Project Activities

Project Activities

The activities contributing to the achievement of the strategic objectives are outlined below as per objective area.

1. Income Generating Activities

  • Training sessions on income generating activities for young mothers, youths and vulnerable women like crafts making, Tailoring and farming.
  • Training sessions on entrepreneurship skills like savings, records keeping and project management to young mothers and vulnerable women.
  • Training sessions of modern farming methods and storage to young mothers, youths and vulnerable women.

2. Health Activities

  • Increased knowledge and skills of community members in HIV and AIDS prevention and life skills to lead a behavior change.
  • HIV and AIDs focused community outreach sessions to young mothers and adults.
  • Extra non-informal education school lessons delivered to in school children and mothers on HIV/AIDS prevention.

3. OVCs { Orphans & Vulnerable Children }

  • To provide education, shelter and medical care.
  • Sensitization of community on the importance of education.
  • Educate, care and support of the orphans and vulnerable children in orphanage.
  • Provision of scholastic materials to the Vulnerable children and orphans.


Hand of Hope Africa is proud to provide adult education opportunities for men and women who have either attended or never completed school. By providing basic literacy, along with vocational training skills and language.

HOHA hopes to be able to assist Jinja district to develop as a community and to be able to interact and trade with others communities.


Hands of Hope Africa conducts community sensitization programs and hopes to be able to develop these opportunities. There are many issues to be addressed such as the rights of women and girls, domestic violence, health (particularly regarding sexual health due to culture of polygamy that increases individuals exposure to STDs) , hygiene, diet and nutrition.

In order to provide the highest quality community sensitization sessions, HOHA uses trained and professional volunteers from within Uganda to partake in its programs.

We also partner with established organizations dealing in areas that our community needs to learn about. For instance we have partnered with FEED ALL UGANDA to train our farmers in new and modern farming skills


Pads are one of the basic needs a girl child must have. With the increasing cases of school dropouts in Uganda especially on the side of the girl child that have been attributed to lack of sanitary towels which in turn exposes them to shame from their male friends when blood is exposed through clothes . As HOHA we started this project so as to provide, educate the girls on how to make reusable sanitary towels that can last for 1 year since they can’t afford the ones in the market and being non reusable.

We also train both girls and boys about menstruation, that’s its normal for a girl and so they should support them. This project is done in schools and communities.

About Us

Hands of Hope is a community based organization that has been in operation since January 2019.
The organization’s mission is “Sustainable Community development through livelihood skills and education, with a goal that youth, young mothers, vulnerable children and orphans will have a higher living standards”.

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