Problem Statement

Problem Statement

Many rural women in Uganda have been victimized, marginalized or left in Vulnerable and needy situations. This is due to lack of adequate resources to meet family basic needs in impoverished families.
In addition, the high levels of poverty within Uganda (Uganda is ranked 143rd on the UN Human Development index) which leaves most of the young girls, youths and children with little or no hope to life hence high vulnerability and poor livelihood.
More to that, the prevalence of HIV and AIDS in Ugandan population is estimated to have reduced from a level of 18.7% in the early 1990’s to 5% today.
Inspite of this, many people are infected by the disease without access to life saving anti-retroviral treatment (ART)
The death of the adults leaves their young generation of approximately 2 million vulnerable with no parents. Due to lack of livelihood opportunities there is lack of quality education and high risks that orphans may be infected with HIV and AIDS.
Hands of hope also targets women and youths through its interventions to help reduce the problems that may affect the Orphans and vulnerable children such as lack of education, lack of skills and risky behaviors that can expose them to risky cultural practices like early marriages, wife adoption and unsafe sexual practices which in turn can lead them to contracting HIV and AIDS.

About Us

Hands of Hope is a community based organization that has been in operation since January 2019.
The organization’s mission is “Sustainable Community development through livelihood skills and education, with a goal that youth, young mothers, vulnerable children and orphans will have a higher living standards”.

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